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This article will be helpful as you realize that doing a dissertation is the reality if your aim is to get a degree. The topic about how to write the thesis has been described in hundreds of articles, but we wanted to present advice based on the real experience of writers from our master thesis writing service. They not only have written their own dissertation once, but still regularly write and proofread theses on various topics. That’s why they are quite familiar with common problems that are related to thesis writing. The following advice is not the opinion of professors, but a more subjective opinion.

  1. First and foremost, you should give a definite answer to the following question—“why do you need a dissertation?” You need very, very serious motivation to start the job.
  2. Don’t confuse the thesis with science. You can deal with science all life long, but you might not have a degree. And you can have a degree, but skip doing the science.
  3. Thesis is qualification work. This means PhD students must demonstrate sufficient skills in order to be considered a scholar.
  4. Choose the supervisor. This is not a problem, as you cannot be sure that a particular supervisor will help you with your research. If you are lucky enough and your supervisor is interested in your topic, always show him or her your progress in order to support their enthusiasm.
  5. Understand your contribution. If you don't put soul into your writing, it would be boring otherwise. But if you will give all of your energy, you may be disappointed with the fact that your research is important only to a few people.
  6. Find the topic. Here you can use the help of a supervisor that can propose some ideas and tasks that may interest you. Then, you can use the Internet and search for research works that were already conducted on this topic. Also, you can use the help of a custom thesis writing service to help you with this problem.
  7. Have only the topic. We recommend to use the snowflake method (which is frequently used by fiction writing). You should write the thesis content and continue rewriting it until you feel that you theoretically have something to write about in every point of the content. For example, it may look like this: Chapter 1. Background. Overview of available methods. Advantages and disadvantages. Prospects. Chapter 2: The theoretical part of those that the student proposes. Methods. Algorithms. Comparison and niche. Chapter 3. The practical part of those that the student proposes. Architecture. Productivity research. Comparison with competitors. Chapter 4. Practical application. The task - problem, solution, results.
  8. Don’t postpone writing the article (if it’s required in your university). Usually, a PhD student should have at least two published articles per defended thesis, so find out how many articles you need. You may spend more than three months for your first scientific article. So keep in mind that article writing is a skill that can be trained, and other articles will be written in a much shorter time.
  9. All of your questions and ideas that appear during the writing process should be recorded into a separate file. All remarks that were given by the supervisor and answers to questions that you revealed may help you in your research.
  10. Participate in conferences. The more you take part in scientific conferences, the better will be your reputation and understanding of requirements and expectations.
  11. Avoid common mistake #1: “lack of scientific novelty.” It’s a big problem that appears in many works. Students are not able to formulate what exactly they made new.
  12. Avoid common mistake #2: “procrastination.” If you don't have your personal plan on your thesis, most likely, you won’t be able to complete it at all. So—sit down and write all necessary actions you should take, and the due dates. In the process of writing, you can change your plan according to the situation. Just remember that you should see the end of such great work and wisely distribute your forces.
  13. Do not think that others are idiots. With high probability, you may be among the most well-versed in the topic, including the committee. However, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to find defects in your research in a short period of time. A respectful attitude towards others will be very helpful.
  14. Always bear in mind the most important rule—“God helps those who help themselves.” There are many people that can help you, but your thesis is in your hands. So don’t forget that you always have a fallback plan with PhD thesis services.

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