Rating and awards

Writing-Service.EssaySeek.com makes it easy to choose a suitable writer!

Our academic writing specialist team consists of experienced and highly creative writers. The rating system we utilize reflects their academic achievements. This allows each customer to choose the most suitable writer for his or her academic assistance!

Consider all essential factors, including the writer’s academic qualifications, area of specialization, and rating. Taking into consideration all these factors will surely allow you to hire the most suitable candidate for custom help!

In addition, we have developed a system of awards as an effective way of informing customers about each writing assistant’s scholarly results within our service. You can view a detailed explanation about each award and how the personal rating of each assistant is calculated.

Be confident in your choice by choosing the writer with top ratings and excellent academic results!


When the order is finished, the customer approves it. As a final stage of the customer/assistant collaboration, we encourage the customer to evaluate the writing assistance he received from the writer.

Customers use a scale of 1 to 10 to rate the assistant, in addition to adding personal comments. This can help new customers to know the rating of a writing guide, his writing experience, and his competence in a particular area.

Consider the rate of the writing guide you are about to hire, and then read other customers’ comments about that guide. Select the writer that best meets your academic expectations!

View Our Top Writer's page. There, we provide information about our top-rated writers, their nicknames, number of completed orders and awards received. This information is kept current in that it is updated with each newly completed order.


We recruit the most capable and hard-working writers to join our service. They share their writing skills with customers and receive beneficial academic rewards.

A careful analysis of our assistants’ scholarly results helps us to recognize and reward those who work diligently and produce the best results. Moreover, the quality of writing is always a major consideration.

Our writers often are recognized with the same award on numerous occasions. Simply select the icon for the award in which you are interested to discover how many times the writer has won that award.

Become aware of our specialists’ professional traits with just one click!

For example, if a writer completes 10 papers in just 10 days and earns a top rating for each order, then he earns the Triple Ten award.

A writing assistant completed more than 5 orders and his average rate reaches 9.0 and higher? The award he gets is called Nine Plus.

If the writer finishes 15+ orders within 30 days, deliverers 80% on time and receives a general rating of 8.0 and higher, the award Proven Punctuality is appropriate for him!

To get the award Proven Reliability the writer must complete 15+ orders within 30 days. His rating has to be 8.0 or higher and the number of canceled orders either by writer or customer must be 3% or less.

The award for Writer of the Month is granted based on the following criteria: excellent writing performance, favorable feedbacks, a growing number of returning customers, timely-delivery rates, etc.

The award Newcomer of the Month is granted following one month of a new writer's work. Two main criteria are the number of orders the writer completes and feedback he receives from customers during his first month of work.

The writer who has more than 20% of returning customers can expect to receive the award for Customer Loyalty.