Narrative Essay Sample about Pets

Why Are Dogs So Popular As Pets?

Narrative Essay Sample about Pets

It is commonly known that dogs are the most popular pets. Some people think that dogs are probably the most popular animals as they will interact with humans more than other animals and this is what a lot of people want. Others think that dogs in particular are very intelligent and sociable, and they make for a rewarding companion. So why are dogs so popular as pets?

First of all, I believe that one of the essential reasons is that a dog is very genuine in its love for its owner. It loves you without specific reasons. It is not a coincidence that it has been said that a dog is a man’s best friend. A lot of people claim that a dog won’t ever betray you and will always be by your side to play and cuddle whenever you need it. Pets will always cheer you up in your most difficult days. In my opinion, other kinds of pets will never behave in this way because some don’t even like to be bothered too much while dogs run to you when you come home. In return for accommodation, food and kindness, pet dogs offer sincere love and loyalty to their masters. “One emotion which dogs certainly demonstrate is that inner calm and contentment we humans experience in the company of our loved ones, regardless of what they can provide for us in material terms,” DailyMail writer Bruce Fogle claimed (Dailymailcouk, 2012). In nutshell, friendship can suffer from peaks and valleys but with your puppy friend, the only true letdown you’ll have is if it damages your favorite shoes.

What is more, in comparison to other pets dogs protect their masters and guard homes. No cat or hamster can do this for sure. It is usual for a dog to bark at strangers and those people who menace their masters. While criminals normally don’t think wisely before they commit a crime, most of them get the idea that it’s unreasonable to rob or harm someone with a dog. You should never depend on a dog entirely for security, but they support peace of mind.

To conclude, I would like to say that there’s no doubt that having another living being in the home offers confidence, particularly for those living alone. Harold Herzog of Western Carolina University in the US, states that these differences show that pet-keeping is purely cultural. We keep pets because other people do, because it is “socially contagious” (Melissa Hogenboom, 2016).  Also, they are easy to feed and take care, and seem to adjust well to family life. Other pets, such as rabbits, hamsters and parrots are more to be looked at than actually to interact with.


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