Ovid’s Metamorphoses Essay Sample

This Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” essay analyzes how the ancient writer depicts the power of art in his poetry. At all times, the art is an indispensable part of human life. Talents for music, dance, painting, or broidery have always been highly valued in upper class society. Well-educated people never neglect the opportunity to learn piano playing or sewing. Somehow, the music, beautiful paintings, or great novels can influence our mood. Moreover, art therapy is one of the popular methods to treat mental disorders. In Ancient Rome, the patricians also valued the gifted artists, for example, Publius Ovidius Naso, known as Ovid. He had a great effect on the literature of his epoch and later generations of poets. This Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” essay is dedicated to two of his stories about art competitions between the Olympian gods and the mortals.

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The Lost Generation Essay Sample

Below, you will find the Lost Generation essay written by an acknowledged author based on reliable sources. The phenomenon of the Lost Generation is both interesting and horrifying. From the perspective of history, the representatives of this period became the participants of both world wars and the intermediate crisis. If we look at these people through the prism of psychology, we will see the individuals who lost their life course during the war and discredited the general beliefs and values. The state of war was natural for them because their inner world was formed in the trenches under fire.

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Hamlet Essay Sample

William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is a masterpiece of classical English literature. The story about the revenge of the Danish prince against his uncle for his father has been known for four centuries. It is almost impossible to count the full number of its film and theatrical adaptations. The greatest actors of all time have portrayed Hamlet’s character. However, one question still remains open: is Hamlet actually ever crazy? The author of this “Hamlet” essay tries to solve this mystery, analyzing the hero’s behavior. What version is more truthful: madness, or psychological trauma caused by a range of personal tragedies? You will know the answer after you read our sample written according to academic standards.

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Heart of Darkness Essay Sample

The “Heart of Darkness” essay below describes the narrative device used by Joseph Conrad in his adventure novel. The conflict of civilization and savagery remains one of the most interesting questions of modern psychology. They say, a human being is something more complex and developed than an animal. At the same time, the inner animal spirit and ancient instincts frequently awake in our souls at moments of danger or fear. The novel “Heart of Darkness” created by Joseph Conrad analyzes the behavior of men who need to fight forces of nature to survive. The author depicts a huge gap between the representatives of the civilized world and the inhabitants of jungles.

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Great Expectations Essay Sample

Charles Dickens’ novel “Great Expectations” is considered to be one of his most popular books. This work has become a basis for a wide range of film and theatrical adaptations. The novel represents the atmosphere of England at the beginning of the 19th century. Social status was a crucial element in the realm of interpersonal relationships. The main character, Pip, gets an opportunity to climb the ladder of social hierarchy. This “Great Expectations” essay analyzes how these changes affect Pip and what exactly he has learned from this experience.

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Emma Essay Sample

This “Emma” essay is dedicated to one of the most famous novels written by Jane Austen. Gender inequality is one of the perpetual problems of humanity. People will always discuss this issue defending one or another viewpoint. At the beginning of the 19th century, this kind of discussion was outrageous and even rebellious. However, Jane Austen was not afraid of saying the uncomfortable truth in her novels. She was probably the first writer who paid attention to female problems. This move helped her to stand out among the writers of her epoch. In spite of the fact that the direct feminist slogans are absent in this novel, we might see some signs of the feminist worldview in the behavior of the main character, Emma Woodhouse.

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Excellent Antigone Essay Sample

The real tragedies should never have a place in your life. Anyway, ancient Greek tragedies can help the representatives of the current generation to know more about antique values, moral principles, and traditions. “Antigone” was written by Sophocles, a tragedian who lived in Attica in the 5th century BC. This tragedy is chronologically the last in the cycle of Theban plays that tells the sorrowful story about King Oedipus and his descendants. The “Antigone” essay below will provide you with detailed information about the central conflict of the play and how it makes Sophocles’ tragedy a study of human actions.

antigone essay

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Free Persuasive Essay Examples for High School Students

When you need to complete a certain type of academic work, you should read guides on how to cope with such papers and look through several examples. In this post, we would like to share persuasive essay examples for high school students in the hope that they will help you to finish your paper. As always, our samples were designed by experienced writers from Writing-Service.EssaySeek who possess deep knowledge in defined topics.

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Concise and Accurate Economics Research Paper Example

Are you having difficulties with your papers in economics and don’t know what to do? We’ll give you some recommendations. Read a couple of guides on the topic and explore our economics research paper example. That way, you’ll be aware of theoretical instructions and understand how they are applied in practice. Writing-Service.EssaySeek is a service which helps students achieve their academic goals. You can find many guides and samples on diverse topics on our blog.

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Persuasive Essay Examples for High School You Must Explore

If you are not good in writing persuasive essays, you might need to get acquainted with our persuasive essay examples for high school. They were designed with the aim to help you understand how to write convincing papers. These examples were created by expert writers from Writing-Service.EssaySeek who are knowledgeable in topics that are revealed in our samples. You can use those pieces of writing as you wish. The only condition is to refrain from plagiarizing.

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