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Why We Are the Best Essay Writing Service

All students have been there: it’s 4 a.m., and you feel like you are running a marathon, but time is running faster. What can you do in such a situation? Even A-level students can face writer’s block, especially due to the excessive amount of assignments they get. At some point their imagination will refuse to work. But what can you do? Professors are not interested in excuses like “I was tired” or “I didn’t know what to write here.” Luckily, in the age of the Internet you have professional essay writing services to save you at critical situations like this.

The Matter of Motivation

Professors somehow manage to forget that they also were students. For sure, some of them will allow you to work on an assignment a couple of days more, but most of them will also lower your grade. From one point, this is absolutely fair—you have failed to submit an assignment on time, so you cannot receive as high a grade as those who hand it in before the deadline. But, from another point, professors don’t take into account that you may not be interested in this class or this particular topic, or you just don’t like writing. Besides, when something becomes compulsory, it immediately becomes boring and unattractive. Whatever your reason is for not writing that essay, we are not going to blame you—we are going to save you.

The Main Problems With Writing

  1. Information. Even though this seems like a paradox, finding relevant and accurate data is harder than ever before in the era of the Internet. You can get dozens of links to websites if you google a popular search query, but will this information be relevant? On the contrary, if you google some specific questions, you will easily get irritated with the flood of useless information that makes important facts and articles difficult to find.
  2. Structure. One of the hardest parts about writing an essay is putting your thoughts into clear and structured order. Unless you have been practicing public speaking or you are fond of logical trick questions, you are unlikely to be good at using logic in your writing as well. A clearly structured essay requires long hours of practice and good intuition. If you don’t have time to spend or there’s no one to help you, you can always ask for help at the best essay writing service — Writing-Service.EssaySeek.com.
  3. Arguments. Another thing about essay writing that most students find to be hard and tricky is supporting a claim with appropriate arguments and quotations. First of all, you need to find those arguments, which usually equals many hours of reading articles and research reports related to your topic. After that, you need to choose only the appropriate ones, which is quite hard, since you can never know which are appropriate according to your professor’s criteria.
  4. Text formatting. This part is not hard in terms of analyzing and creating, but is simply time-consuming and boring. You need to keep the full list of requirements in front of your eyes to avoid mistakes. Also, you need to be precisely concentrated, which is difficult after several hours of essay writing.

Why Choose Us

Writing has already become one of the most popular assignment methods given by professors, so several new assignment services appear each day. How can you choose the best online essay writing service from this vast variety?

First of all, pay attention to the payment system used on each particular website. With some services, you will be asked to prepay the full sum, and with others, only half of it. At Writing-Service.EssaySeek.com we use a completely different system, which makes us one of the top essay writing sites. We have introduced a system of partial payments which is convenient and safe for both our clients and authors. How does it work? After you submit an order, it will be automatically divided into several parts (from two to five, based on the length of the order). As the author completes each part, he or she will send it to you for approval. Only after you confirm that everything is fine with a part will you be asked to pay for it.

The next step is checking the prices. Obviously, each student wants to find the best and cheapest service possible. We are not saying that cheap is bad, but you need to understand clearly how such services manage to maintain prices which are below market average ($7 per page). Some of them may hire unqualified authors, others may cut expenses on the security system, and some practice reselling. Our service maintains affordable prices alongside perfect quality, owing to the bidding system.

Have you ever seen an auction? If not, here’s your opportunity, since this system works exactly like an auction. The only difference is that our authors compete not by rising prices, but by offering affordable prices with their experience, skills and knowledge. You can get more detailed information on the number of orders completed, satisfaction rate, and customer feedback on the profile page of each author. You can also chat with the author, ask him or her about education, writing experience, and other details that interest you. You may request a free short preview (100 words) to evaluate the author’s style and approach to work.

What about guarantees? Not every custom essay writing service will offer you a money back guarantee, since quality of an essay isn’t something you can simply define and evaluate. However, we are confident in our authors’ skills, and we offer such guarantees. You can find more information at the corresponding page of our website: Writing-Service.EssaySeek.com.

Another important thing you need to pay attention to while choosing a service is your personal information confidentiality. Some services may ask you to provide basic statistical information, such as age, gender, and year of studies. Though this doesn’t seem to be very harmful, you never know how much information they actually collect. It’s better to restrain from providing this information or even ordering at such services.

We at Writing-Service.EssaySeek.com take information security seriously, so you can be sure that none of your personal information—not even e-mail—will be exposed to third parties. Our confidentiality policy also states that you are not allowed to share your personal information with your author, even if he or she asks. But don’t worry, authors also know how strict we are about this policy and won’t ask.

What You Will Get

  1. A 100% custom written paper. You can check the paper on various stages of the writing process, using either our own checker or any other checker you consider to be reliable. If you have detected an unsatisfactory rate of similarity, you can always ask for a revision.
  2. Unlimited revisions. If the similarity rate of your paper is too high or you think that the author has taken the wrong path to describe this problem, you can always ask for an unlimited number of free revisions.
  3. Expert help worldwide. We offer help for desperate students all over the globe, from US and Canada, to UK, Australia and China. Since our authors live in different time zones, there’s a high possibility you will find someone to complete your order even if it’s four in the morning.
  4. Convenient communication. We know that communication is crucial when it comes to writing essays, and convenient communication with your author helps to make the process several times faster. That is why we don’t employ any client managers to work with your orders. We believe that a simple live chat will be more effective in dealing with all the questions that may arise during the creative writing process.
  5. A customer-based rating system. We want to promote helpful, devoted and friendly authors, and not those who simply have the opportunity to pay to make their account VIP or whatever it is to get more orders. Because of this, we have designed a customer-based rating system and a website awards system. The best authors get noticed and obtain special badges. You can have a look at their profiles on the Glory Hall—our page for the best 50 writers of the entire service.
  6. Prominent and experienced writers. We employ writers who have managed to pursue a master’s degree or PhD and who have valid proof of their academic achievements. But great essays aren’t just about the degree, they are also about experience. Each of our authors has rich experience and long relationships with writing, and they are also eager to help. Remember that you can ask for a preview to evaluate an author’s style, so you are not buying a pig in a poke. You can be sure that you are entrusting your assignment to the best possible person that can do it for you.

The deadline is approaching, so enough hesitating—place an order now and you will see why we boldly call ourselves the best essay writing company.